Ashoka has always found inspiration in business entrepreneurship and has pioneered its translation into the social realm. We are building a network of business entrepreneurs and corporate partners around the globe to support and engage with our rapidly expanding network of social entrepreneurs. 


The Ashoka Support Network (ASN) is a global network of business leaders and entrepreneurs who commit finance, expertise and skills to support Ashoka Fellows in their growth as leaders and in scaling their organisation to increase their social impact. 

There are over 350 ASN members globally, with 24 members in Ireland.


Why join the ASN?

IMPACT: Invest finance and expertise in the highest potential social entrepreneurs, maximising social return on investment.

NETWORK: Join a powerful global network of social entrepreneurs and business leaders committed to social transformation.

KNOWLEDGE: Learn about the new trends and innovations developed by the world’s leading social entrepreneurs that could transform your organisation.

Ashoka combines the passion, energy and enthusiasm of the social entrepreneurs with better business practice and provides resources to help them succeed.
— Patrick Coveney (ASN member & CEO, Greencore)

Read what ASN members have to say about the Network in the Irish Times.

Brian Caulfield

Brian Ranalow

Lady Britta Wilkinson

Catherine Duffy

Conor Stanley

Denis Tinsley

Dermot Desmond

Eamonn Conlon

Faye Drouillard

Gar Holohan

Gareth Morgan

Jim Barry

John Whelan

Kevin Neary

Michael Caulfield

Neil O’Leary

Noel Ruane

Patrick Coveney    

Paul Sullivan

Roger Jupp

Sir Steven Wilkinson

Terry Neill    

Tim Brosnan

Tim Griffiths

Tom McGowan

Partner, Draper Esprit

Former CEO, H&K International

Partner, Buchanan AG

Partner, A&L Goodbody

Founder, Tribal VC

Former Director, McKinsey & Company

Founder, IIU

Partner, A&L Goodbody

Founder, The Giving Circle Amsterdam

Executive Chairman, Aura Holohan

MD, Google

CEO, Blackrock

Partner, A&L Goodbody

Founder, GameStop Group

VP, Workday

Chairman & CEO, Ion Equity

Partner, Polaris VC

CEO, Greencore

Former Executive Director, NTMA

Former Chairman, Millward Brown

Founder & CEO, Buchanan AG

Former Director, Accenture

Founder, The Small Foundation

Managing Director, OMD Ireland

Former Director, Unilever

For more information about becoming an ASN member, contact Serena Mizzoni at

We have developed partnerships with leading global and Irish firms that can impart their substantial knowledge to the social sector. 

Strategic partners offer Ashoka Fellows a wide range of pro-bono support, from legal advice and senior talent search, to communications and leadership development.

Since our partnership with Ashoka began in 2013, 77 of our lawyers have dedicated over 800 hours of pro bono support to 12 of Ashoka Fellow Organisations including MyMind, the CoderDojo Foundation, Future Voices Ireland and Grow it Yourself, to name a few.
— Sinéad Smith (Corporate Responsibility Manager, A&L Goodbody)

Find out more about our partnership with A&L Goodbody on p.34 of our 2015 Impact Magazine.

For more information about becoming an Ashoka Partner, contact Serena Mizzoni at