Join Our Team

Are you an entrepreneurial personality?

Have you always been a self-starter, trying to solve problems and change the world? Have you started your own endeavour, or significantly transformed the operations of an existing institution? If so, you may be an ideal fit with Ashoka's culture of social entrepreneurship.

Our recruiting team looks for people at all career stages who are entrepreneurial and collegial; who have a conscious dedication to ethical fibre, self-scrutiny, and empathy; and a strong self-image to effect positive change on a big scale. We also look for people who are broadly and passionately interested in the questions Ashoka addresses, and the historical change it seeks.

We are looking for outstanding candidates from a variety of backgrounds to join our global team--from interns to leadership group members. People at Ashoka work on highly complex, long-term projects focused on social change. We are constantly inventing new approaches, forging new partnerships, and creating new institutions—all aimed at transforming the global citizen sector. For entrepreneurial people at all career and life stages, Ashoka offers opportunities to address social change on a big scale, and affords the chance to develop and grow as a member of a global team.

Ashoka’s staff selection effort draws its design from our Fellow selection model, used for twenty years to identify leading social entrepreneurs in over 70 countries. We have molded its criteria and process to fit our staffing needs.

Candidates who advance beyond the application stage start an interview sequence that varies in length from one or a few conversations to as many as ten. Interviews often focus on the candidate’s entrepreneurial background and interest in Ashoka’s work in the world. Starting roles are often set at a late point in the interview cycle, after a determination has been made about the candidate’s overall fit with Ashoka.

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