There are three central tenants to the Changemaker Schools programme:


  1. SELECTING SCHOOLS: We have adapted our methodology for selecting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs to identify and recruit a global network of Changemaker Schools that share our vision, and have a track record of innovation and influence.

  2. SUPPORTING SCHOOLS: Changemaker Schools join a global community of innovative schools with the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences and collaborate on programmes. They are also connected with leading social entrepreneurs to explore the implementation of new programmes and methodologies.

  3. DISSEMINATING BEST PRACTICES: Ashoka is aggregating and disseminating the best examples of innovative education practices from across the world through its online platform and media partnerships.   


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The 2016 Changemaker Education Summit will be held in Muckross National Park, in County Kerry, Ireland, this coming October.

The summit will convene representatives from over 75 Changemaker Schools from 11 European countries, as well as thought leaders and education innovators, and will invite them to co-create ideas and solutions for the future of education.

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