Change Nation

What is Change Nation?

Change Nation is a social innovation platform bringing together 50 of the world's leading social entrepreneurs to spread their proven solutions to some of Ireland's greatest challenges in education, health, environment, economic development, civic participation and inclusion.




In March 2012, we held a series of interactions with Ireland’s established and emerging change leaders across sectors, cultivating demand and strategy for many of these solutions to spread in Ireland – an unprecedented collaborative effort. Their work is now beginning to take hold and grow around the country.


Change Nation is about more than importing social innovations into Ireland. Equally, it is about inspiring and equipping individuals to be a part of change, bringing organisations together to work across sectors, and developing a new conception of value. As the implementation of the solutions continues to progress, Ashoka’s mission is to cultivate a whole society that can tackle social, environmental, and economic challenges as they arise.


Visit the Change Nation website to find out more: